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Do you know that 95% people in the world are afraid of speaking in public? And when it is time to present something to your peers or boss, 98% of those 95% would go and practice in front of a mirror. This speaking anxiety is called Glossophobia. Put an end to the most nervous moments like that, and start using Think Talks.

What is Think Talks?

Think Talks is a forum for students to have their voice heard. Along the lines of TEDx talks, we open the mic to the NYU community to speak about important events, new ideas and anything else on their mind.

Why Think Talks?

Break Your Nerves by speaking in front of crowd, and master the art of presenting to your boss.

Impress the crowd with your information and wits by presenting a topic that can grab attention.

You are a chatterbox and you do not know whom to share your ideas with? Use this platform.

Afraid of speaking in public, but you still want to speak and improve, and ace the art of speaking.

If you want to speak, and do not know how, We are here to help you! If you have an idea worth spreading, we will provide you a platform to articulate, express and be more confident about yourself.

Let us know what you want to talk about, and we will fix the hows and the wheres.

Hear and be heard!

To be a speaker, click here.


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