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Feb 28, 2018

  • Talk: People Analytics at Facebook. Invited speaker Dr. Pat Caputo

Mar 26, 2018

  • People Analytics Panel. In cooperation with NYC SHRM

MAY 18, 2018

  • Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics Annual Conference 
  • An event in collaboration with NYU Department of Technology Management and Innovation


You can register by visiting us on https://orgsync.com/105621/chapter or e-mail us on tandon-shrm@nyu.edu 



  1. Danielle Moss says:

    I and my mentor, Alicia Scaturro (OB ’01) participated in the pilot mentoring program PolyME (mentoring enterprise) that was organized by PolySHRM chapter mentor Tammy Vaughn. The initiative is designed to pair students and professionals in HR with each other to establish and work on career goals. The great thing about mentoring is the wealth of information you’re able to glean from your mentor that can point you in the direction of where you want to be. But apparently mentees aren’t the only ones to get something out of the experience; Alicia shared with me that she feels like she gets something out of it not just by giving back, but by learning things from her proteges. I’m excited about this process and can’t wait to continue my quest for professional development!

  2. Dan Potocki says:

    Great job Tammy! I’m really excited for this program and getting paired up wit ha professional to help my with my own goals. It’s going to really help upon graduation from the OB program at NYU-Poly and getting into the working world. I know there’s a lot I can learn so I really appreciate this opportunity to be mentored.

  3. Tammy Vaughn says:

    The Kick Off event went off with a bang! Although it was intimate in number it was big on tips, strategies, and fostering new connections. This exciting new initiative will be all the buzz for OB students around campus. As an alum of the OB program, I can say from experience that there is a plethora of benefits you can derive from having a mentor. Especially one who was a former student. You can gain a teacher, coach, role model, resource and friend. As the visionary and Chair of PolyME I can see that the connections generated in this initiative will be the beginning of a great journey in discovering one’s passion and excelling in all future endeavors. Welcome to PolyME.

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